Sunday, November 06, 2005

Show 18

(Run Time: about 32 minutes)

The audio for this show is completely unedited because we are working on doing a video version of our podcast. However, the video will not be edited for at least another week.

One more thing—many of the comments on this blog are spam, so don’t click on the links in those. We will try to clean those up soon, time permitting.

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Direct Download: Show 18

We want feedback from you, the listener! Constructive criticism is welcome.

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Below, you will find the show notes for Show #18:

You can also find the show note bookmarks at:

Show Notes for Podcast #18:

  • Site of the Night: Blog Juice for Educational Technology—

  • Site of the Night #2: Ray’s Science Club students have produced a videocast—

“Hard Core Science”

  • Weekly download: GIMPshop, a free Photoshop alternative—

  • For more information on the iPod shuffle, the iPod Nano, the video iPod, and iMac computers, you can visit:

  • For more information on the Creative MuVo Slim mp3 player, visit:

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