Sunday, October 30, 2005

Show 17

(Run Time: 19:59)

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Show Notes for Podcast #17:

  • Technology and Learning Magazine Online—great resource for information on technology in the classroom.

  • Education Arcade—consortium involving MIT researchers to create educational videogames.

  • Link to article on “Supercharged”, a physics video game developed by researchers at MIT.

  • Gravity—flash-based physics game:

  • Review of the PC game, Civilization IV:


Solerjr21 said...

Hey, good to see there are others out there who are involved in the movement of education and technology. I have just subscribed to your podcasts. I look forward to further communication. Feel free to read and post anything on my blog,

Stay in touch.

Chris Goodson said...

Great podcast on gaming. I went to National Education Computing Conference this summer and games in education was a major topic. Much of the content from NECC, including webcasts of some of the keynotes, is still available on the NECC 2005 website. Marc Prensky was one keynote speaker who talked about how we need to engage kids (sometimes with games) or we risk becoming irrelevant to them. Anyway, keep up the good work.