Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Tech Teachers Show 70

This week we talk about the first days of school, an alternative PDF reader to Adobe, TubeTV, Stellarium, Google Space, Black Viper, and several tips for both Windows and Mac Users.

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Show Notes for Podcast #70:

*TubeTV: makes it simple for mac users to save video from YouTube

*Google Space: part of the Google Earth product family that let you explore outer space.

*Stellarium: a virtual planetarium

*Foxit: PDF Reader to use instead of the dreadful Adobe

*Black Viper: a good place to learn about windows, especially for “Power Users”.

*Simpsonize yourself: turn yourself into a Simpson’s charicature.

*Hard Core Science: Ray’s Science Club video podcast

*The Did You Know Show: a podcast about science topics with expert Fred Haase

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Show 70 available - Show notes coming with the next 2 hours, thanks!