Sunday, November 13, 2005


We will have a slight delay on the next show.

However, here is the first video of the show(in wmv)! A video ipod version will be available some time tomorrow evening, along with some additional content recorded at the end of the show, that is only available via video.

I edited the video using windows movie maker for the .wmv file and iMovie for the .mp4 file. I will discuss the various experiences of these two methods on the next show.

First Video
(right click save as..)


Glenn E. Malone said...

I just watched your first video. Nice job. I like the casual style. With visuals I was distracted by Ray's pink cup, Holley's different mic, Ray's laptop on the table and Holley's in her lap, cable? running down the wall behind Holley's left shoulder. I'd stick with audio if this is a lot more work until you have more interesting visuals...I also watched the Hardxcore science...I like that one a lot! It was fun to see you both in person.

Regarding Videos ...I'm with Hollye, be careful while showing videos...I like (subscription required) for the purpose of using videos for illustrate a scientific point.

Ray you still seem to be waiting to speak instead of listening to Holley. :) I like the quarter jar idea.

Overall Great first show!

rayandhollye said...

Thank you for the feedback!

This first video is more of a test of the technology. In fact, there will be a review of the video editing software and overall experience on a Mac and PC in a future show.

We also have some plans for more appropriate and compelling video content. The time commitment will go down considerably after the first couple of editing trials (I hope).

As for science video I have seen some decent video on united streaming. Another excellent source is MIT's open courseware site.


Casey said...

I listened to your podcast of your vidcast and came back to check out the vidcast. Whew! :)
I have not caught any of your other podcasts but plan to go and check out a few.
As a former broadcaster-turned-educator, my suggestion would be to mic the camera, too. I assume you just used the built-in mic on the camera which left a rather hollow sound. Almost made me want to watch the video using the podcast audio.
Nice job, though! Keep up the good work!
Oh, and GO IRISH!