Sunday, November 27, 2005

Show 20

(Run Time: 28:15)

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  • Recommended Download for burning DVDs: Deep Burner

  • Site of the night:

  • SHOUTcast: Free Internet Radio

  • Programs for capturing streaming audio:




**Screamer radio (recommended for its functionality)

*Radiolover for the Mac

**StreamripperX (favored for the Mac)

  • United Streaming—digital video-on-demand service for educators:

  • newegg: online computer parts store

Correction for the show: Hollye humbly admits that she mistakenly corrected Ray during the show, advising him that he should use the term “unsecure” and not “insecure” when referring to network security. However, “unsecure” is not a word. She offers her sincere apologies. Grammar is one of Hollye’s strengths, and one of Ray’s weaknesses. Thus, Ray quickly accepted Hollye’s grammar corrections.


Glenn E. Malone said...

Go Seahawks!


Another fun show.

Anonymous said...

The resources you talk about are often great.

Ray, I think you could slow down a little. I know all these things are exciting. I am excited about them too, but its hard to listen when you are going so fast, and loud.

Eric Langhorst said...

Thanks for another great show. I have used United Streaming for the past three years and have found it very useful. They have added quite a bit of content over the past year and it has really grown. Some states - New York, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Iowa, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Rhode Island - have bought state wide licenses for their teachers. The Discovery Educators Network is also up and running and is a great resource for teachers who use United Streaming on a regular basis. Check it out at the United Streaming site.

Jim said...

Good show! Much better than last week. :-)

Ray, you mentioned the PATA HDD interface but weren't sure what it stood for. The "P" is for Parallel since the bus is a parallel bus - lots of data wires working sychronously. The S in SATA stands for Serial. ATA in both refers to the Advanced Technology Attachment specification that defines the interface. The term IDE (Integrated/Intellegent Drive Electronics) is often used interchangably with ATA. EIDE is the Enhanced version of IDE. This expanded IDE's capabilities in performance/bandwidth and the number of devices you could hang off a single bus.
Hope this helps.

rayandhollye said...

Thank you for the info Jim. I looked it up right after the show. I knew the 's' was for serial, so I should have been able to guess the p was for parallel. I just don't remember hard drives being labeled (pata) like that in the past. I think they must have started doing this to avoid the confusion over sata.

Thank you to everyone else for the feedback! (I will be back to my normal microphone so hopefully my p's won't pop as much in the next show)