Sunday, October 09, 2005

Mid-week Release

We will put up this week's show sometime in the middle of the week.
Thanks so much for listening.


Jo McLeay said...

Dear Ray and Hollye,
I look forward to your show every week. I just don't know how you do it all, with your getting into teaching. I know how hard it was in my first year. I love the style of the show. Keep up the good work but don't stress.
Jo McLeay

Suzanne S said...

Just discovered your podcast -- I'm way back on #4, trying to catch up -- but I'm enjoying it. You wanted to know if anyone's listening; I am, via my PocketPC phone (imate JAM) usually while I'm in my classroom alone preparing or grading. The JAM is my only mp3 player, so I just download at home with doppler, store programs from approx. 10 different podcasts on my 1GB SD cards and interchange them at will. I could download directly to the phone but $$$$$$. Doing it at home is cheaper and works great. (All audio & video streaming is blocked @ school, unfortunately.)
Anyway, I teach 6, 7, and 8th grade computer electives, so right now it's not so much integration for me as actually teaching the kids to use computers, the web, etc. I used to teach in the content areas, so I coach teachers in my building who want to integrate, however, and that's a great passion of mine. I am known at the tech freak or tech queen, depending on whom you ask! LOL
Thanks for the podcast. When I comment next I'll make it actually relate to the current show . . .