Sunday, October 16, 2005

Show 15

(Run Time: 32:09)

Show 15 was completely unedited, and we did not discuss our lists of website favorites before we recorded. Thus, this show has a very live feel to it. Let us know what you think.

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We want feedback from you, the listener! Constructive criticism is welcome.

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Show Notes for Podcast #15:

TECHNOLOGY: Some of Our Favorite Websites

  • boingboing: a directory of wonderful things:

  • GAMESPOT: video game central

  • Photoblog:

  • Metacritic: movie reviews

  • Textamerica: Free Moblogs

  • Slashdot: tech and science news

  • digg: tech news website

  • Simpson Crazy: everything Simpsons

  • Jinx: products for geeks, gamers, and hackers

  • ThinkGeek: products for geeks

  • National Weather Service

  • Rotten Tomatoes: movie reviews

  • Atom Films: (the movies are flash based)

  • The Human Clock:

  • Wikipedia: somewhat of an encyclopedia

  • Infoplease: somewhat of an encyclopedia, dictionary, almanac

  • Engadget: technology blog:

  • Game Faqs: video game hints and tips

  • Marvel Comics wallpaper for your computer:

  • 43 Folders: tips on making your life more organized

  • Lifehacker: tips on making your life more organized

  • Paul Graham’s interesting essays:

  • Pop Cap: online video games

  • Open Office: Opensource software—free office suite

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