Sunday, January 29, 2006

Show 25

(Run Time: 34:51)

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Show Notes for Podcast #25:

  • Xbox 360 Games we recommend:

Dead or Alive 4


Project Gotham Racing 3

Full Auto

  • Sites of the night—

Digg, a technology news website:

Ubuntu Linux Distribution:

"Flagrant Disregard", Flickr Toys:

You can find the picture of Hollye, that was “doctored” using Flagrant Disregard at:


Anonymous said...

Great show keep up the good work.

Higghawker said...

Great Podcast! I just signed up! How about Hollye teaching us a new Spansih word each week? Ray, for us simpletons, maybe a physics lesson? Great show, very real, Kudos! Higghawker from down the road in Higginsville!