Monday, January 16, 2006

Show 23

(Run Time: 38:57)

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Audio Version Direct Download: Show 23

This week, we did not do a video version of the podcast. Look for video segments in the future on the Xbox 360 and Ray’s new LCD display.

Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

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Below, you will find the show notes for Show #23:

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Show Notes for Podcast #23:


  • Wikipedia explanation of Ajax

  • StickyPad is Ray’s recommended post-it-note program for your desktop.


The Man said...
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John said...

Yes, please keep up the video podcasts if you can find the time for them.

Jo McLeay said...

Dear Ray and Holly,
I'm happy to just listen to the podcasts. Maybe the video is a bit distracting and time consuming, imho.
Jo Mcleay