Sunday, February 05, 2006

Show 26

(Run Time: 12:55)

We did a short show this week, due to Hollye’s mom’s 50th birthday and the Superbowl taking up much of our time this weekend. (Hollye says, “Happy Birthday Mom!!”)

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chilepodcast. El Primer Podcast de Chile said...

Greetings fro Chile. I am enjoying your Podcast.
Carlos Toledo

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Both my wife and I are Christian Teachers and we would like to podcast poetry, Chilean music, the history of Dxing in Chile, Bible reading and greetings from listener.

My podcast are in Special Spanish (sometime in English) because I want reach all the people on the internet that are interested in learning my mother tongue Spanish.

Also we would like to be in touch through this technology with fellow Spanish Teachers as a Second Language and their students of Spanish language.

Sincerely, and God Bless you all.

Carlos Toledo Verdugo
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Anonymous said...

I LIve in a small town in rural Pennsylvania. Bradford. I am a technology integrator for teachers. I just want to let you both know that I am listening and it is great.


I am a Tech Teacher said...

Love the show.
I would love to see you do a show about on-line safety. How do your schools talk about it with your students? I teach in a junior high school where we (I) found several of my underage students on It turned in to a terrible situation for me (you can read about it on my blog), and I would like to hear more from other educators.

Jonathan said...

Hi, the podcast is great; you two complement each other and are easy to listen to.

I would like to see a podcast mention to 'mindmapping' within the education system. We use it both at work and the kids use it at home for planning essays, projects, etc. Seems to me to be a great business and educational tool. I wondered if either of you use the tool in the classroom environment and what feedback you have had from the students?

I personally use MindManager (x6 pro) and have used their software for many years. It has really helped brainstorm. I find the kids use it intuitively as it mimics the way most people think (e.g. randomly) whilst enabling them to keep track of their thoughts, and then to manipulate the ideas and finally put them down into some sort of constructive output.

Mindmanager (like most of the other tools) allows you to output to HTML (web pages) and create a complete web site; as well as outputting to powerpoint, word and outlook. Overall a great tool and extremely powerful. My son (who started using it when he was 7) enjoys the freedom to plonk ideas down as he thinks of them without worrying about structure, and then tidy up afterwards. He also has used to present information to his classroom.

Anyway keep up the great work and podcasts. I have listened to all of them, and although I'm not in teaching, the teaching bits are as interesting as the tech bits, as they mostly apply to managing 'people' not just students! Adults are, after all, mostly justs kids - just a bit older...


Scott Wojtanowski said...
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Scott Wojtanowski said...

Another link about "mindmapping" for Jonathan and the techteachers. Look at an open source alternative - Developed by the Institute of Human and Machine Cognition, CMaps, is a concept mapping tool that you will use to help you construct core knowledge.