Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Tech Teachers Show 82

This week we talk about education and technology topics including cell phone car mounts, iPhone applications, sleep number beds, the slingbox, and much more. Also, Ray's mom joins the show as a guest.

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Show Notes for Podcast #82:
*Pandigital Digital Photo Frame
*Wii Fit
*iHome and other Clock Radio/Chargers for iPods
*Kensington Car Mount
*iPhone App Store: iPhone Applications (Ray recommends Comic Touch, Shazam, Brain Challenge, and Remote)


kherbert said...

About the smaller GPS screens. I'm dysgraphic and dyslexic. I find the smaller more focused screen easier to glance at while driving because I just want an idea of how much further to my next turn. I also like that I can position it where I can glance quickly without looking down at the dashboard.

For areas of interest I'm going to have to pull over anyways, since I tend to travel alone or with small (5 yo and younger) children.

My oldest niece (15 yo) prefers helping with the GPS to the old method - me tossing the phone to her so she could call her stepmother (my sister) for directions because the building that was a marker for my turn was gone. (Moved back to Houston after 10 years away)

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