Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Tech Teachers Show 81

This week we talk about education and technology topics including Applecare, AT&T, T-Mobile, the latest iPhone, digital photo frames, monoprice, our year-end teaching reflections, and much more.

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Show Notes for Podcast #81:

*SpinRite: software that helps maintain your current hard drive, and also helps to retrieve data from a broken hard drive.
*Coverpop: fun website with image collages
*The Human Clock: fun website that shows a person in a photo showing the current time, with the photo changing every minute.
*Jailbreak your iPhone with ZiPhone download: unlock your iPhone.
*Monoprice: get cheap, reliable cables here.
*Grand Theft Auto IV
*Applecare: warranty for apple products
*iHome and other Clock Radio/Chargers for iPods
*Pandigital Digital Photo Frame

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Principals need to use technology and support their teachers with extra staff development if necessary.

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