Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Tech Teachers Show 71

This week we talk about a couple of tips for both Windows and Mac Users, the Cuisinart Soft Ice Cream Maker, and ideas for engaging advanced students in the classroom.

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Show Notes for Podcast #71:

*Halo 3 for the xbox 360

*Quia online quiz software

*QuizStar: Create online quizzes

*ActiveWords to launch programs quickly and much more (like Quick Silver on the Mac)

*TextExpander (30 dollars): typing timesaver.

*Jumpcut clipboard application

*Cuisinart ICE45 Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

*Hollye’s page for online Spanish games:

*Ray’s page for his Physics students:

*Space Penguin game

*Super Mario Physics (click “watch this movie” on the right side)

*The Did You Know Show: a podcast about science topics with expert Fred Haase

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