Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Tech Teachers Show 70

This week we talk about the first days of school, an alternative PDF reader to Adobe, TubeTV, Stellarium, Google Space, Black Viper, and several tips for both Windows and Mac Users.

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Show Notes for Podcast #70:

*TubeTV: makes it simple for mac users to save video from YouTube

*Google Space: part of the Google Earth product family that let you explore outer space.

*Stellarium: a virtual planetarium

*Foxit: PDF Reader to use instead of the dreadful Adobe

*Black Viper: a good place to learn about windows, especially for “Power Users”.

*Simpsonize yourself: turn yourself into a Simpson’s charicature.

*Hard Core Science: Ray’s Science Club video podcast

*The Did You Know Show: a podcast about science topics with expert Fred Haase

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Anonymous said...

Ray - First let me say sorry to hear about your loss.

In terms of online assessment I would suggest checking out Quia. I have used it for about 7 years and I know of several other teachers that use it and think it does a great job. It allows the teacher to create variety of questions, easy to collaborate with other teachers using Quia, creates different reports and easy tagging feature. I think it is well worth the $50 a year. QuizStar used to be a free option but it is now $2.50 a month.

Anonymous said...

Also sorry to hear of your loss.

I don't want to sound too terribly ignorant, but how does one go about digging your podcast. I searched for "tech teachers" on but didn't get anything. I'd be happy to digg you, but I don't know how. Perhaps you can mention it in episode 71. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind. I'm an idiot. I just had to click podcasts.

Lee said...

I know all about a new release grade book program. Our district went with eSchool Plus from Pentimation and their grade book program is the same way. We even got the upgrade this year to v 1.6 and some of it is worse now than in the previous version. i had a chance to talk to the development team and give input, and what do you know, not one suggestion that came from teachers showed up in their new version. I wish administrators would have some consideration for the for the biggest clientèle that uses the software on a daily basis.