Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Show 59

(Run Time: 29:49)

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Show Notes for Podcast #59:

*Google Earth

*Opera Web Browser

*Monolingual: frees up several gigs worth of space on the Mac

*Download of the night: JDisk for the Mac


*memorizable.org: memorizable online tables

*Daily Lit: Read books by email

*ProfCast: to create enhanced podcasts and record lectures.

*Walletex slim credit card sized mp3 players and USB Flash Drives


Anonymous said...

More Mac screen capture tips:
Command+Control+Shift+3 is a full screen capture that you can then paste wherever you please.
Command+Control+Shift+4 brings up the cross hairs and allows you to select what you want and then paste it elsewhere.

João Coutinho said...

The change is very good. The aspect is now much better. The only problem is the adsense on the top. Becouse you let adsense to add image banners, the banner appears in the top of your link Digg it. You shoud change to a smaller add!

Best regards,