Monday, September 05, 2005

Show 11

(Run Time: 26:13)

Buyer Beware: This is a show with very little editing!!!

We apologize for the audio quality this week. Hollye is researching microphones, and will be purchasing one as soon as possible.

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Below, you will find the show notes for Show #11:

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Show Notes for Podcast #11:

  • To learn more about X-Box 360 or any other video game topic, go to:

  • Technology in the classroom:

--Mechanical Universe-- Caltech-produced videos for physics:

(This series is also available on current media, such as VHS and DVDs).



  • Diggnation podcast website:

  • Tech news and reviews of programs in beta:

*Next week, we look forward to discussing home theater setups and the future of high-definition media. Also, we hope to talk about discipline issues in the classroom.

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Nice link on I havn't heard of that one yet and will have to check it out.