Sunday, August 21, 2005

Show 10

(Run Time: 23:56)

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Adam said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, just checked out your podcast. I am a technology resource teacher in Virginia. I am interested in doing some podcasting, but just getting started. How do I record and then post as a podcast? Could you walk me through it? Thanks!

Eric Langhorst said...


Great podcast! Listened to it this morning and heard you are looking for advice on a good pair of shoes for teaching. I've had great luck with a pair of black, leather Dockers. The last pair I bought lasted for several years, they look professional, high quality leather shoe that wears well for a teacher on his feet all day. I got a new pair last spring at Kohl's for a great price.


TekkieDan said...

Hey Hollye and Ray... I'm enjoying hearing your tech talk and your chat as "newbie" teachers. I'm in my 31st year of teaching and refreshed by your perspective. I'm the Technology Specialist at a large high school in Kissimmee, FL. As soon as I finish this comment I will be sharing your blog and podcast information with my 150 colleagues at my school... 30+ who are new to our school! Keep up the great work.

It would be great if you give a big shout out to the Eagles of Poinciana High School!

Dimas Peter said...

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