Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Tech Teachers Show 97

This week we talk about education and technology topics including CES, MacWorld, SxSW, iPad, Cinch for OS X, 3D TVs, twitter lists, solid state drives, google docs,, Kodak zi8, Kodak Play Sport video camera, and much more.

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Show Notes for Podcast #97:
*Intel 80 GB Solid State Drive
*Cinch for OS X
*Quia - online teacher tools
*Ray's YouTube site -
*Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera (Black)
*Kodak PlaySport HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera


Teresa said...

Hi. I just listened to your show. I found you last summer and have learned a lot from listening to all of your shows. Thanks.
I have a question about the kodak video camera. I am a music teacher and want to video student performances and upload to you tube. Another teacher just got a Zoom3 (I think that is the name). It is a great audio recorder, but the video didn't impress me. What is your opinion on the audio quality of the kodak? I was very close to purchasing the other camera, but might now reconsider. Thanks for your help.
Again, I really enjoy your show.

rtfgvb751 said...
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Ray and Hollye said...

Teresa, the Zi6 does have good audio quality for a pocket video camcorder. However, the Zi8 has the option of adding an external microphone so you might want to go that way. I don't have a zi8, but the reviews seem to be pretty positive. There is also the kodak playsport, but I don't think it has an external mic option. Good luck! - Ray