Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Tech Teachers Show 86

This week we talk about education and technology topics including ScreenFlow, Onyx, Google Gears, syncing Google Calendar with iCal, Symplify Media, Mailinator, iPhone applications, and much more.

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Show Notes for Podcast #86:
*Ray's Professional Development Links:
*Ray's PD Videos from Vimeo
*ScreenFlow: to create screen recordings on your Mac.
*Google Gears: allows you to interact with web applications, such as Google Docs, offline.
*Sync iCal with Google Calendar
*Simplify Media: stream your audio files from your home computer over the Internet to your current location. (Ray mispoke when he suggested that you could stream your video files. Simplify Media only allows the streaming of audio files.)
*Western Digital Passport Drive
*Mailinator: protect your privacy and avoid spam.
*OnyX: allows you to perform system maintenance in OSX.
*Get iPhone Applications (If you use this link, you will be supporting our show. Thank you.)

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