Monday, April 07, 2008

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Guybrarian said...

Yeah, twitter isn't for everyone. Just depends on how you build your network. As the only teacher librarian in the building it is my little collaborative/problem solving group. Just build your network so that you have the folks that challenge you! Keep up the good work!

Mike Hasley said...

One thing I think you missed with the Twitter conversation is that comments by people you follow can be sent to your cell phone or IM service. I have the folks I follow pop up on my Google Talk, so periodically, I'll get a quick pop up of a comment by someone I follow which is usually an edtech person. I like that better than email since it doesn't fill up my box and all. I ignore a lot of "tweets" but at the same time, it's been a great way to get new ideas from people. Plus, you cannot build a network via email, and there are a lot of new sites that use twitter to help you organize your time like (I don't work for them). Twitter can also help you stop smoking and remind you to water your plants. I think if you use it more, you'll find that you like it a lot. Did you post your twitter name?

BTW . . . love the show!

Eric Langhorst said...

I find that Twitter is more of a conversation "starter" rather than a place to hold an entire conversation. When checking through the posts if someone has recently posted a new blog entry I may follow the link or they may mention a topic they are currently researching and asking for links or ideas from others. I have found it to be a great way to build your personal learning network.

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