Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Tech Teachers Show 78

This week we talk about education and technology topics including online videos of science experiments, a geography website, a document camera, technology professional development sessions, photographic mosaic software, Stacks on the Mac, forthcoming iPhone updates, online investment companies, and much more.

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Show Notes for Podcast #78:

*Elmo Document Camera

*Geography and Maps Website for use in the classroom:

*Journal of Visualized Experiments: science experiments online

*Andrea Mosaic: photographic mosaic software for the PC

*MacOSaiX: photographic mosaic software for the Mac

*Rasterbator: to create very large images to hang on your wall, using just your computer and printer.

*Zecco: stock trading and investment online

*Scottrade: stock trading and investment online


Bill said...

Hello there!

I found your podcast on itunes, and enjoyed so many of your points. Good luck getting those mp3 players. if you have macs, it is SO easy to make podcasts using garage band - the kids love to make them.

I have an observation about smartboards. We have tons of smartboards in our school (23 of them, with another 14 coming soon). I understand it might not work for your particular discipline, but the interesting thing is what happens when you get technology close to your teachers.

We found that having a projector / screen in the room, ready to go, makes using technology so easy, that even our low-tech teachers are using the smartboards. It's a real lesson in "if you make technology easy to use, and immediately accessible, teachers will use it!". We are using the 600i series, so a teacher can use it to write notes, then easily save the notes, and upload them to a course management system.

I enjoy your podcast, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

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