Friday, November 23, 2007

The Tech Teachers Show 74

This week we talk about recycling your old electronics, hard-drive-based camcorders, iChat effects, Automator, and Phase on the iPod.

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Show Notes for Podcast #74
*Costco's Trade-in and Recycle Program for Electronics: they pay you for your old electronics.
*Fun iChat Effects
*IMAP mail
*Phase: a game for your iPod. You can get it at the iTunes Music Store.

1 comment:

Jackson said...

With the hard-disk camcorders, you're right. I bought a JVC Everio last Christmas when the first hard disk cameras came out. I got a couple of jobs doing wedding videos (very cheap because it's still a consumer camera). I loved that it would record for 7 hours, I didn't have to buy new tapes, and I thought the files would be so simple to "download" and then edit on my iMac. I spent a year of frustration "downloading" the files to my PC, ignoring the software that came with the camera, converting the files, putting them on an external drive, then finally putting them on my iMac and importing them to iMovie. With iLife 08 I can finally import to my mac directly from the camera, but that still has its problems, and I have to still import again from iMovie 08 back to iMovie HD since iMovie 08 is incredibly counterintuitive for iMovie HD users. I wish I would have bought a Mini-DV HD camera, but since I spent the money I do like what the Hard-disk cameras can do--record a lot!