Sunday, March 11, 2007

Show 60

(Run Time: 23:19)

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Show Notes for Podcast #60:

*Logitech v270 Bluetooth Mouse

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* Bookmarks

*Gmail Space

*Session Manager

*Opera Web Browser


*ProfCast: to create enhanced podcasts and record lectures.

1 comment:

Brian said...

Hi, good show. Thought there would be another a week or so ago. What's up?

I'm glad you shared about I have totally done away with bookmarks in my browsers and am solely on my shared bookmarks.

Ray your comments about being scared of your students knowing as much or more than you do about using technology triggered a thought in my mind. Why not embrace that with them and learn along with them. Maybe you are, but I wasn't getting that from the podcast. I think it's important that we (educators and students) collaborate on learning. Let students see that we are open to learning new things. I think that empowers them to want to learn and share. In using, are you using tags created for just your Physics class (i.e. - "raysphysicsclass") so that students can easily find and share relevant sites, news, information by using the tag "raysphysicsclass"?

Just some thoughts. Thanks for the show, looking forward to more.

Oh, a shameless plug... my colleague and I have started (well, last year) a wiki dedicated to educators learning to use technology in the classroom. Right now it contains more "how to" articles, but we are working towards creating a real community of users to form the wiki as a resource for how & why to integrate technology in the curriculum. The address is If you care to join the community, we require a login and password. We like to know our friends. Feel free to mention it on the show!

Thanks again!