Sunday, December 24, 2006

Holiday Special 2006

(Run Time: 32:49)

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Show Notes for Holiday Special 2006:


*External Hard Drive

*Pure Digital Camcorder (available at Target)

*RCA Small Wonder EZ101 Camcorder

*Empires: Dawn of the Modern World (PC game)

*Blue Tooth Wireless Mouse

*Delorme GPS Software—I use Delorme Earthmate LT-20

*Bluetooth Headset for cell phone or computer

*Webcams (We don’t recommend spending more than $30 on this item.)


*Make Magazine

*PC Magazine

*Energi-To-Go Energizer Cell Phone Charger (about $20 at CVS)

*Flickr—store, search, sort, and share your photos

*Amazon Gift Certificate (They sell everything.)

*New Egg Gift Certificate (especially for the tech savvy)

*Netflix Subscription: Receive Movies by Mail

*Civilization III for the PC (about $10 at Wal-Mart or Target)


*Nintendo Wii

*Play Station 3

*Xbox 360

*Nintendo DS Lite

*PSP (Sony Play Station Portable)

*Xbox Live Account (for someone with an Xbox or an Xbox 360)

*Gears of War for the Xbox 360

*Company of Heroes for the PC

*Lego Star Wars II: the Original Trilogy for the Xbox 360

*Half-Life 2 Game for the PC

*HD DVD Player for the Xbox 360

*Wireless Racing Wheel for the Xbox 360

*Marvel Ultimate Alliance (for all platforms)


*Mac Book

*iMac laptop

*Vizio P42 Plasma TV

*Logitech z5450 surround sound speakers, with wireless rear speakers

*Bound Coffee Table Books (make your own):

--iLife for the Mac



Anonymous said...

Good idea with the cocoa breaks, video version! I listened to the audio version first and it's funny how much longer the breaks seemed to take without the video segments.

Thanks for all the suggested gifts.

Anonymous said...

Netflix started with movies by mail. But having used both. The new features of Blockbuster are much better since there is a brick and morter establishment that I can also pick up movies and peruse.