Monday, May 29, 2006

Show 38

Show 38

(Run Time: 37:01)

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*Meebo—All-in-one Chat Client

*Movie Review Websites: and

*Look up the processes running on your PC. Hit Control+Alt+Delete. Then, click on the tab that says Processes in your Task Manager. Use one of the following websites to look up the processes running on your PC:

To_topHigherLowerTo_bottom (currently under construction)


*Swapping media online:

*Skype out is now free to landline phones anywhere in Canada and the U.S.

*Cranky Geeks Vidcast

*Kagan’s Learning Strategies



Pat said...

I'm listening to your podcast which I always enjoy. However, after listening to your description of geocaching, I was shaking my head. You'll definitely need to take the NECC seminar on geocaching and maybe listen to the podcast done by the folks offering this at

I'll look forward to your revised description after NECC.

Have fun and keep podcasting!

JoelM said... is now open to the public.

Read more about at

Anonymous said...

There is another cool site where you can trade DVD's for 99 cents, called PeerFlix.