Sunday, April 16, 2006

Show 34

(Run Time: 35:53)

We would like to apologize for the audio issues in this episode. We had some feedback problems.

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  • Book Recommendation: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-free Productivity, by David Allen.
  • Also, check out JDiskReport, to find out how much space the files and directories take up on your disk drives.


Douglas said...

While listening to the latest edition of your podcast, I just wanted to add my few cents on cursive vs print. I use cursive out of habit more than anything else, but transitions can be tough(a and o end really similar, for example).

However, I do not think dropping cursive in favor of typing is a good thing. Cursive flows much better than print, IMO, and if you have a writing utiencil, you can still write. A keyboard is useless as a input device without a device to accept the input. If we forget about the simple technology(we do take math classes to learn the basics before even introduced to calculators, even if not all of it is remembered), we are in a world of hurt when the more advanced stuff decides to malfunction or die.

El Barto said...


I agree that cursive hand writting should be kept, I find it very easy to write in cursive and harder to write in block (I think that's what it's called). I am in England though so maybe that's why I think it.

Russ (Take2 host) said...
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austin said...

i dont remember if it was this episode that you guys talked about three-day-weekends, but I have a comment about them. That would be great for middle and high school students. However, with most parents always working, it would be difficult for elementary students. It could require extra money for a nanny, day care, babby sitter, etc.