Monday, March 20, 2006

Show 30

(Run Time: 38:12)

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Corrections: IN2TV is run by AOL, and not Yahoo, as was mentioned in the show.

Also, Avvenu is the file sharing program we wished to talk about, not Avennu.

Sorry for the mistakes!

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Show Notes for Podcast #30:

  • We bought it our HDTV tuner card through SnapStream because they included a free antenna.

  • lists TV stations with HD content available in your area

  • Find an antenna to go with your HD tuner card.

  • Ray recommends two books about Physics: What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks and Clouds in a Glass of Beer


PeterB (thornuk) said...

Catching up on show 28 where you discussed "geeks" & "nerds". Here in the UK these terms are used to negatively describe someone who is somewhat obsessively "into" a particular subject (except if it's soccer, when that's OK).

What most annoys me, as a teacher of several decades experience, is when a pupil is called a "boff" = short for "boffin", as in someone who actually applies themselves to studying. It is usually applied to the bright ones who don't go with the herd flow. It's likely based on the fear of the unknown, as displayed by those who don't want to show that they study (at least in front of their peer group).

Having watched the phenomenon for a number of years, in one guise or another, it is my considerd opinion that TV *does* have an influence on this. Every time a "personality" encourages skipping homework, or makes the kind of comment that "sympathises" with those who can't do fun things because they have homework to do, or gives a cheer that they don't have to go to school today, etc., there is more reinforcement of a negative attitude to learning.

As I approach the age of 60, I think "How is mankind different?" - "What has improved in the last 2000 years?" Frankly, apart from the gadgets (from freezers, and ipods to central heating and space shuttles), not a lot. Which is sad.

Something like 95% of all knowledge mankind has achieved has been discovered in the last 50 years.

Unless we, as a human community (including TV presenters), can raise the positive profile of learning in "the common mind", we'll not have progressed much since before the time of Christ.

(Paraphrasing) T.S.Elliot said if you want someone to value something, tell them it's their right to have it, and then tell them thay can't. Perhaps this is why education is valued more where it's difficult to get.

Just my personal rant !

Higghawker said...

Ray, Just caught your Science Club video! Great Stuff! Your class is one I would love to be involved with! Keep expanding minds!! William

Thaed said...

I just listened to this today on the way back from taking the kids to a water park.

IMHO, you have created a very listenable program. Even in the face of a ton of other tech podcasts, you still go a little deeper than most and I still manage to learn stuff. Teaching is what you do best.

I think your best work is when you both get equal time. So, in episode 30, I was saying out loud, "Less Ray, more Hollye." Don't get me wrong, I like Ray just fine, but the show is best when there is balance. Even if it's tech oriented, the ebb and flow needs to be there. If Hollye were talking for 80% of the time, I'd be yelling "More Ray, less Hollye."

Keep up the good work and good luck building your pc. That's one of my favorite hobbies. :)