Friday, December 09, 2005

Video iPod Format

Holiday Special - direct download for the itunes/ipod format of the holiday special.

The .wmv file (link is in a previous post) is of a higher quality this week.



Anonymous said...
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Guy said...

I just listened to your show and it was one of the best blogs that I ever heard. But your holdiay special is only the second blog that I have downloaded. :>

In Western New York there was a couple who had a TV show about five decades ago called Meet the Millers. It was one of the longest running shows on local TV because it was real, homespun, genuine, fresh, and had two people on it who were not professional TV talking heads.

I thank you for the technical insight and I would like to use your blog as an example for a presentation I will deliver at Niagara County Community College on January 6th.

rayandhollye said...


Thanks so much for the positive feedback. We are glad you enjoyed our podcast. You are welcomed to use it in your upcoming presentation.

~Ray and Hollye